Monthly Archives: May 2009

First Belgian email marketing benchmark

On June 9 the first Belgian email marketing benchmarks will be revealed. These benchmark is the work of the Belgian IAB email marketing taskforce. They brought all major ESP’s and publishers together and convinced them to share their data. The key findings of this work will be presented @ an IAB breakfast event. If you […]

The new Dutch opt-in law

As from the 1st of July there is a new opt-in legislation regarding B2B communication. Gone are the days that companies could approach each other via generic email addresses (e.g. info@) to promote product or services. From now on electronic B2B communication will have the same restrictions as B2C communication.

Get on track with clear landing page URLs

One thing’s for sure: a readable URL reinforces branding. Keep dashes, slashes and numbers out of URLs whenever possible. It helps improve your visitors’ recognition that the landing page is related to the product or company it represents. Needless to say this adds to the trustworthiness of the content it contains. And what’s more:  landing […]

More revenue through relevance

A single email can make or break a valuable customer relationship. That makes us wonder why 89 % of marketers still send low-value, one-off broadcast email campaigns. Take the time to plan strategically and execute high-value individualized lifecycle marketing programs. Because it makes perfect sense: if you allow them, your customers will help you keep […]

Use your first contact to engage with your customers

We start this tip with an essential statement in email marketing: your first email will affect how they think about you and your brand or company. It can even determine whether they’ll continue to do business with you. The email relationship can start when someone signs up to receive promotional email or newsletters. But be […]

The Relationship Marketing Congress underlines EmailGarage’s belief in relevant messaging

Today EmailGarage is proud to be a part of the Relationship Marketing Congress, organised by Stichting Marketing. This yearly congress is all about relevant marketing cases and presentations that touched the audience or built a unique conversation. Visitors can attend presentations about customer targeting, audience participation, online behavioural targeting, B2B customer relationship building, combined with […]

Whitelisting vs. Reputation Management

In the battle against spam, ISP’s came up with strong spamfilters. Due to this spam filtering process some legitimate emails were also blocked, known as false positives. To avoid this kind of email deliverability problems, a process of whitelisting was implemented, certainly not the easiest method. Why would an ISP whitelist a sender if it […]