The Relationship Marketing Congress underlines EmailGarage’s belief in relevant messaging

Today EmailGarage is proud to be a part of the Relationship Marketing Congress, organised by Stichting Marketing. This yearly congress is all about relevant marketing cases and presentations that touched the audience or built a unique conversation.

Visitors can attend presentations about customer targeting, audience participation, online behavioural targeting, B2B customer relationship building, combined with interactive marketing bars. And the keynote speaker just spoke about how brands can plan and measure an effective social media strategy.

All these topics and discussions focus on direct and relevant messaging, which is one of EmailGarage’s true beliefs.

Future customer communication challenges will be based on three essential parts: marketing, social interaction and technology. EmailGarage acts in all these elements. Our platform is a technology tool we try to enhance and optimize day after day. Our customers use it to build efficient customer dialogues, and our project team is ready to tackle all your marketing challenges, such as campaign management and optimization, email strategy consulting, etc.

Feel free to visit our booth in the afternoon, we will be happy to tell you more about what we can do for you and your customers.

Jelle Quirynen

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