Get on track with clear landing page URLs

One thing’s for sure: a readable URL reinforces branding. Keep dashes, slashes and numbers out of URLs whenever possible. It helps improve your visitors’ recognition that the landing page is related to the product or company it represents. Needless to say this adds to the trustworthiness of the content it contains.

And what’s more:  landing page URLs with easy-to-read (and easy-to-type) addresses are perfect to encourage prospects to check out online offerings through offline channels, like direct mail or print advertising.

Still, a Silverpop study found that few companies create readable URLs for their landing pages. Barely 3 out of 10 landing pages evaluated in the study had simple, easy-to-read and well-branded URLs. While one-third (33%) of BtoC companies used straightforward and well-branded URLs for landing pages, less than one-fourth of the BtoB companies (23%) did.

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