Monthly Archives: June 2009

Use bookmarks to enhance the relevancy in your emails

A bookmark is a link in one section of an email that links to another section of that same email. For instance, you’re likely to see these bookmarks in a table of contents at the top of the email.   A table of contents contains all the different topics covered in your email.  That’s why […]

Maximize customer satisfaction through email

You may provide the greatest product in the world with the best service in the industry, but if it doesn’t work for the customer, they are not going to be happy. After all, customer success is what customer satisfaction is built upon. There is a relatively easy way to boost customer satisfaction. Consider starting an […]

Respect your mobile email readers

The worldwide use of mobile internet is spreading like a wildfire. However reading email on mobile phones isn’t always that easy. That’s an issue you’d best keep in mind when drawing out your email campaigns. But how exactly do you go about keeping this important user group satisfied? For starters, you could shorten and clearly […]