Fine-tune Email Frequency

When wondering how often you should send emails, keep in mind that each audience and segment is different and should be treated accordingly. The only way to know the answer to this question is to test. Some high-end retailers can send daily, while others with less cult-like following could see a spike in unsubscribe rates if they began sending weekly. Whether the intent is to sell or inform, every email should include valuable content. If the content is relevant and valuable, frequency becomes secondary.
The economy of email leads some email marketers to overuse the medium or engage it with little or no strategy. Unfortunately, this approach will yield recipient fatigue, spam complaints and list attrition. Set standards and frequency caps per program type and stick to them. If you’re getting pressure to exceed those caps, you can defend them by determining the value of an email address for your organization. Place a number on it, and the loss of an address to an unsubscribe becomes tangible and real.

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