How to deal with generated traffic?

A practical issue, sometimes forgotten, deals with generated traffic and bandwidth. As a marketer you want to generate traffic to your website with a clear call to action in your campaign. Of course you’ll have to bear in mind that generated traffic has to be dealt with by the server on which your website has been hosted and running. So make sure that (your providers) bandwidth is large enough to deal with the traffic generated by the mailings.

A practical solution to this problem would to use split-run functionalities of your email marketing platform or to cut up the campaign in small quantities to spread the mailing and its potential traffic in time. For example you can split a campaign of 100.000 emails into 4 campaigns of 25.000. This will spread the traffic to your convenience and will avoid a traffic overload of the server.

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  1. […] Email Garage points out that a good way to avoid overloading your website is to split your campaign into multiple segments (e.g. splitting 100,000 email addresses into four groups of 25,000) and gradually release them over time. […]

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