What’s the ideal moment to send your e-news? Let Twitter help you.

Logical thinking, testing different times/days and carefully monitoring your email stats are usually good ways to find out when to send out your newsletter.  What if you could use Twitter to help you?
This is how it’s done…

1. First, go to http://search.twitter.com and type in a few keywords related to your industry, eg “Hotels in Brussels”, “Fitness clubs in Antwerp”,…

2. Twitter gives you an RSS feed of these results in the top right hand corner. Copy the URL of this link.

3. Sign yourself up for a Google reader account.

4. Click the “Add A Subscription” button in Google reader. Then paste in the URL of the Twitter RSS feed.

5. Click “Show Details” in the top right corner and you will see a blank graph. However, within a few days this spot will show some fantastic data. You’ll be able to see on which month and days (and even hours and minutes!) people where talking about “Hotels in Brussels”.

This should give you a good idea when you’d best send out an email offer that appeals to people interested in “Hotels in Brussels”. Yes, it’s that simple!

Conclusion: Use Twitter to measure social media interaction times and use the info to determine when to send your e-news.

Source and inspiration : http://www.toddle.com


  1. Posted March 19, 2010 at 10:35 am | Permalink

    En houdt dit middeltje rekening met de verschillende tijdszones over heel de wereld?

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