Day 2 @ the Miami MarketingSherpa Email – part 1

Keynote speaker Joseph Jaffe presented his new book and theory “Flip the funnel”.
Joseph is mostly known as being an expert in social media and is a famous speaker on that topic.

What is this new theory anyway?
I think it is something like Fred Reicheld’s customer loyalty, but more social media style.

Some snapshots:


  • Retention is the new acquisition
  • Customer service becomes the new key in marketing
  • The real role of social media is retention

4 levels of engagement & activation:

  • Product
  • Brand
  • Experiential
  • Communal

The 3 step plan:

  1. Unify inbound/outbound service
  2. Marry customer experience with word of mouth
  3. Formalize the process:  A New Customer Activation Model
    – Content , Conversations, Commendations

2 out of the 10 famous rules in customer service:

  1. Customer Service doesn’t stop @ 5PM on a Friday
  2. All customers are equal (but some are more important than others)

So, overall it sounds very interesting this new theory. I think I know what book I will be reading this evening!

Stay tuned

Kenny Van Beeck

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