Day 2 @ the Miami MarketingSherpa Email – part 2

Impossible to do all the sessions in one day; since it was a duel track of B2B and B2C cases.
I mixed according to my personal interest. A small overview and key findings on some of the slots:

Must-Have triggered email marketing campaigns for every business

A very complete overview of every possible triggered email campaign you can set up.

Here’s the list:

  • Confirm emails
  • Search and browse emails
  • Follow-up emails (events, …)
  • Catalog request emails
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Product review request and notifications
  • Anniversary or reminder of last order emails
  • Reactivation campaigns
  • Survey emails

Some interesting figures also:
Only 11% of internet merchants sent email to abandoned cart shoppers.
SAS client case stats: 25% respond to abandoned cart emails, 1/3 of them order afterwards.

Lifecycle marketing – Starting at the Zygote stage case – different content e-newsletters depending on the lifecycle of moms and their pregnancy/kids stage.

Fascinating, have set up the same lifecycle email marketing strategy as EmailGarage did for Nutricia Baby in Belgium. Soon-to-be-moms, new moms and experienced moms are getting valuable content based on the lifecycle of baby expectations, pregnancy and having kids.
Everything is also entirely automated.
Results: 51,66% opened rate and 36,42% in click-to-open rate

A great extra in the approach is a pregnancy planner; interesting idea to start even before the actual pregnancy. Also adapting the length of the copy according the lifecycle is cool as well.  We should look into it.

3 key final take-aways:

  • Capture and leverage the data
  • Engage with customers (eg. the copy adapting story)
  • Automate and Optimize

Be an email creative “top chef”

Orbitz case – B2C emails: Reminder drop-out emails on price-drops for previous searched flights.

Good thinking, nice designs, great perso and fully automated.
Just one thing, isn’t it a strange idea to integrate a search form in a “top chef” email!?
Results: 25% opened rate and 15% transactions increase via this new approach. case – B2B emails: A re-design of the e-mail marketing communication, texts and visuals. The goal was to differ from competition.

Changes made: refreshed design, including a pre-header, giving the possibility to switch to text emails (Smart phones in mind) and conditional based content.
Honestly, nothing really chocking, although it is a good idea to give business users the possibility to switch to text messages.
Results: unique click-through rate increase of 27%

These were my findings of today’s afternoon. Hope you enjoy it!
Stay tuned.

Kenny Van Beeck

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