Day 3 @ the Miami MarketingSherpa Email

The last day of this Miami summit was all about social and permission marketing.
It hits me that the US (opt-out) market is “finally” using the advantage of working in a 100% opt-in concept. That was exactly the link between social media and deliverability and the topics of today.

Social media are used to get the right contacts, expand your network, build relationships and get people subscribing for your opt-in list.

Or like Dela Quist so nicely said – When you buy an email list your thought is “rape & pillage” not “nurture”.  During his fascinating presentation Dela was talking about how to set up permission marketing in a multi-channel world.

A quick overview of his quotes:

  • Email subject lines are the new Twitter for e-marketers. Use that space and be creative!
  • Opens and CTR are a stethoscope: they can only tell you if the person is not dead.
    But what % opens at least 1x/yr?
  • Forget relevance – it’s about value! Value has relevancy. Relevance may not have value.
  • Don’t drive people to your website, seduce them.
  • Difference between B2B & B2C? Same guy, suit vs. baseball hat – still need to deliver value.
  • You’re NOT sending too much email. You’re not. You’re sending permission mktg. Stop fear and self-loathing in email!

After lunch we had some great cases on how to use social media in your email marketing strategy.
Everything was there: Mobile, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Video, Email…

Major take-aways of the day:

  • Permission marketing is a load of CRAP! “Customized, Relevant, Anticipated, Personalized”
  • Start using tiny url links on your website and emails
  • Test email rendering for mobile phones
  • Monitor your IP’s on reputation – that’s why permission is so important.
  • Twitter business info:
  • Adding your email subscription call to action to every page in your site can result in 10x increase in subscribers.

That was it for today, hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for the next Email Summit overview post.

Kenny Van Beeck

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  1. Betreffzeilen versus Tweets…

    Einen schönen Vergleich hat Dela Quist vergangene Woche auf der Miami MarketingSherpa Email hergestellt: Email subject lines are the new Twitter for emarketers. Take that space and be creative!…

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