Improve Your Click Through Rate By Using Video

Statistics show that linking to a video doubles or triples your clickthrough rate compared to a regular link.  Unsurprisingly, video in email promises to be one of the biggest email marketing trends in 2010.

True, linking to external video content on a website was your only option up until now. But things are about to change radically. Embedding video in email will no longer be fiction in 2010 – technology is being refined as we speak. This will surely result in an even higher clickthrough rate.

But for now – as these results illustrate – Apple Mail is the only email client that allows you to view an embedded video. However, until then we can offer you a smart and dead simple alternative.

Here’s how it works:
• Take a screenshot of an inviting still from your video.
• Place it on a prominent spot in your email.
• Use the image as a link to the actual video on your web page.

An example? This video of Kenny from EmailGarage at the Digital First Marketing exhibition was “embedded” using this method.

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