Permanently enabled images and active links. Fact or myth?

Displaying your images and enabling your links automatically in Hotmail and Yahoo! Fact or myth? Good news: it can be done. But only via the ReturnPath Certification program.

Here are 3 rock-solid reasons why enrolling in this program is a good idea …

1. Improve your delivery to Hotmail, Yahoo! & others worldwide
As a certified program member you receive preferential treatment at two of the world’s largest ISPs – Hotmail and Yahoo!, plus hundreds of other ISPs and filtering companies. Which means higher delivery rates, and eventually higher response rates (an average of 27-40% lift in overall inbox delivery rates).

2. Benefit from permanently unblocked images
Certified program members are guaranteed to have their images automatically enabled at Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! That’s one thing less to worry about: your recipients will see your emails just like you intended them to.

3. You’ll never miss a click
ISPs automatically block links to protect subscribers from spam and phishing scams. As a certified program member — and being part of the network of trust — your email will be delivered with links automatically enabled.

What does it take to enroll?
• A dedicated and monitored IP address
• An audit and approvement by ReturnPath to enter the program
• A relatively high monthly volume of emails
• A partner ESP that can help you in accessing the certification program.

Got what it takes and want to get started?
Contact EmailGarage . We are a certified ReturnPath partner and can offer you this certification service at very interesting rates.

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