E-couponing: a trend on the rise

An e-coupon is just a fancy word for an electronic coupon. It’s easy: you print them at home and redeem them in stores when you go out shopping. And by the way things look, it’s very likely that the popularity of e-coupons will grow considerably in the future.

Which types of e-coupons are available?

On the Belgian market, you’ll find are two major types of e-coupons.

Instore e-coupons

These coupons are distributed by a franchise and can only be used in the stores of the franchise. Their main advantage is that they boost customer retention by offering returning customers an extra discount for their loyalty. In addition to that, they build traffic to the stores and boost direct sales conversion.

Example: this e-coupon gives existing Veritas clients a 20% discount on their next purchase.

Retail e-coupons

This type of e-coupon is distributed to a wide range of clients and prospects. It allows them to redeem the coupon in different retail stores as an incentive to buy the product at a reduced price. Retail e-coupons are effective when it comes to boosting sales and creating brand awareness.

Example: this retail e-coupon was sent by Senseo to promote their new coffee pads.

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    E-couping zal de komende jaren inderdaad een hoge vlucht nemen, dat merken we nu al aan onze bezoekersaantallen.

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