Monthly Archives: August 2010

What’s the ideal email frequency?

The simple answer: Once a week: that’s the general rule for B2C. Once a month for B2B. Those are frequencies that most people are fine with. The nuanced answer: It depends. Ask yourself: what’s the true value of my messages for my customers? Depending on the content of your emails, you should determine an appropriate […]

The better the landing page, the better the email campaign

Email marketing is not only about email. Marketers tend to focus mainly on the design and structure of emails but often neglect the landing pages. A missed opportunity: they are the key to a successful email marketing campaign. The purpose of an email is to create interest and catch the attention. If you want the […]

How to build a good email template

Most email marketers know the general structure of email marketing templates. A banner, a title, the copy and footer – it’s as simple as that. But there are a few twists. One of them is making sure that the structure and copy of the email have a uniform look in different email clients. Here’s how […]

Will email marketers still make it to your inbox in the future?

The landscape of traditional email marketing is changing more and more every day. One of the most significant evolutions is the rising popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices. People tend to read emails nowadays on their iPhone, Blackberry or Ipad. So will email marketers still be able to reach these people? Yes they will, […]