How to build a good email template

Most email marketers know the general structure of email marketing templates. A banner, a title, the copy and footer – it’s as simple as that. But there are a few twists. One of them is making sure that the structure and copy of the email have a uniform look in different email clients.

Here’s how to tackle that issue:

    Add a preheader: a short piece of text at the top of the email, often called ‘trust earning text’. It’s the first thing a recipient will see when he opens the email, even with the images switched off. Use it to nail your core message.
    Limit the size of the banner: keep the banner limited in size and put your title next to it. It frees up some space to fit in extra copy in the preview pane view. And it will allow people to interact with your email instantly, even before the images are loaded.
    Use tables: tables are the only way to structure emails, period. It’s the stuff that easy-to-customize email marketing templates are made of.
    Respect the text to image ratio: the ideal ratio is what most spam filters advise. Basically: a 60% text to 40% images ratio, with a maximum of 3 images on the page.

Conclusion: your email templates will work great in any email client when you keep these 4 guidelines in mind.

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