The better the landing page, the better the email campaign

Email marketing is not only about email. Marketers tend to focus mainly on the design and structure of emails but often neglect the landing pages. A missed opportunity: they are the key to a successful email marketing campaign.

The purpose of an email is to create interest and catch the attention. If you want the client or prospect to convert, you’ll need a proper landing page. If not, your campaign risks to underperform. Moreover, database members will be less likely to open your emails if your landing pages weren’t what they expected them to be.

Four tips for first-rate landing pages:

Check your links: Not only does a broken link or a 404 error give your communications a bad image, they are the main reason for prospects or clients to drop out as well.

Create cohesive landing pages: Always give your email and landing page the same look and feel. The same colors, the same images and the same fonts.

Add a clear call to action: Prospects won’t do anything unless you suggest something. Add a clear call to action on every landing page.

Give the information you promised: Be consistent with promises you make. Stick to the information and offers you made in your email.

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