Optimize your email campaigns by sending them at the right time

We already talked about how working on your subject line improves your opened rate. However, another short-term tactic can be to adapt the timing of your email exactly to your customer preferences.

There are two main practices. The first is to adapt the timing of your newsletter on an individual basis. Measure when your reader opens his newsletter, and register the exact date and time. Then segment your database based on the time of the open. When sending your next emailing, you simply create different flows leaving at different times.

Another great way is to adjust your timing to external factors. A commonly used practice, which is applicable for many companies in some way or another, is to consider the weather circumstances. For instance, during a summer heatwave, it is probably a better opportunity to promote air conditioners and fresh beverages rather than heaters and coffee. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Conclusion: the timing of your email has a huge impact on your results. Find the timing that best suit your readers’ needs – test, implement and look for continuous improvement.

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