How to grow your contact database effectively

Every marketer wants their contact database for email marketing campaigns to grow fast and with the right kind of information. A great contact database is filled with customers and prospects who have agreed to receive information from you. People who can be called upon if the time and/or the offer is right.

But growing such a database is not always as easy as it seems.

Try these tips to help you grow your contact database effectively:

– Gather email addresses and contact details when they make an in-store purchase.
When customers are in the process of purchasing, they are highly receptive for signing up to your mailing list. They can be easily convinced to be notified of product launches, updates and special offers.
-Use social media and blogs to make your customers subscribe to your mailing list.
It’s a small effort to convince your followers of the added value (extra information, special offers, product updates) offered in emails.
– Offer existing customers a small incentive for recruiting their friends and family.
Activating existing customers to recruit friends and family by offering them a small gift or a reward is a fast and easy way to gather extra contacts.

Conclusion: offering valuable information for free still is the easiest way to make customers subscribe to your mailing list. They are more than willing to sign up to mailing lists if the information offered in the email provides them with no-strings-attached added value.

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