Segmentation leads the way to successful email marketing campaigns

As we all know, no two customers are alike. What appeals to one person may not interest another. That’s exactly why it’s wise to tailor your message to your customer’s interests. Your email marketing campaigns will not only get better open and click-through rates – you’ll see conversions boost too.

4 tips to get a head start with segmentation.

1) Gather as much information as possible at the first point of contact
Your contact’s interest level is at its peak at the first point of contact. Use that moment to gather customer details and information for segmenting. Offering your reader different options (in easy-to-use checkboxes) at the signup will prove to be surprisingly effective.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask for personal information
When customers are signing up, they are more likely to share personal details, demographical information and personal preferences. At this stage it all comes down to asking the right questions to acquire the valuable information that will help you create segmented messages that work.

3) Include online surveys in email campaign
Newsletters can be an important source of information. Include a small survey in your newsletters and gather non-critical information from your customers to enrich their profiles. It provides you with fresh opportunities for further segmentation.

4) Use reporting to identify customer interests
By analyzing click-through patterns in the reports of your email marketing campaigns, customer interests can easily be identified and documented. This analysis makes it easy for you to create and update certain target groups for future email marketing campaigns..

Conclusion: Essentially, proper segmentation gives you precise targeting in order to achieve a higher return. When you segment like you should, better list quality and more business revenue will improve the overall performance of your email marketing.

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