Two good reasons to add an opt-in link to your email message

You may ask yourself: “Is there any reason why I should add an opt-in link my emails when I’m already using a opt-in database?” This may seem like a rhetorical question, but in fact it’s not. If you want to seize every opportunity to continue building your customer database, there are two very good reasons why you should…

Reason one: your emails may get forwarded
When your readers forward your email messages  — by using a “forward to a friend” link or by clicking the forward button in their email client — your message may end up in the inbox of a new potential customer. You can easily capture these potential new customers by making it easy for them to subscribe to your email campaigns.  Is there a simpler way to build your customer database?

Reason two: your emails could be spread through social media
A combination of links to social media and an opt-in link in your email campaigns create the opportunity for your email messages to spread even further. If the online versions of your email messages get picked up by social media feeds like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, readers on those social networks can easily sign up to your email campaigns. And who knows: they may even become your new best customers.

Conclusion : make a habit of adding a simple opt-in link to every email you send. With today’s busy email traffic and social media activity, you’d be surprised how many new customers it could bring you.

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