How to deal with inactive subscribers

Every marketer knows the frustration created by inactive subscribers. It’s just the fact that we don’t know the reason why they are inactive. That makes marketers wonder whether they should do something about these subscribers or simply continue sending .

Subscriber inactivity can be caused by so many reasons. Maybe the product or service you offer doesn’t meet their expectations? Doesn’t the frequency of your email fit their profile? Or could it be that the content is just not relevant anymore? All these scenarios are possible.

Here are some tips to deal with these inactive subscribers effectively…

Try to reactivate them
You can try to make your subscribers opt-in a second time into your email list. Offering them special incentives, set up specially for the inactive segment may do the trick.

Use social media
If you are able to create relevant interaction with your inactive customers via social media, chances are that they will start paying more attention to your emails too.

Attempt offline communication
When all online contact fails, don’t despair. You can always try to get in touch with your inactive subscribers by snail mail or phone (if you have those details in your database, that is).

Adapt frequency of email campaigns
Deleting inactives from your email list is maybe somewhat too radical. Adapting the frequency of your email campaigns can work like a charm. At some point they will start responding again.

Conclusion: don’t just delete inactive subscribers from you email list. The four tips above might reawaken their interest in what you have to offer.

Source: Marketingprofs

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