Don’t let the benchmarks blind you

One of the most crucial questions in email marketing is to determine whether or not your campaign was a success. But what defines success? Is it intensive click-through, is it a high opened rate or is it exceeding the existing industry benchmarks?

Well, to tell you the truth: none of the above clearly points out the success of your campaign. A commonly made mistake is that marketers see that their click-through is 2 percent above the industry benchmark and consider their emailing a success. But this doesn’t actually prove the efficiency of your campaign.

But then what is the right way to do it? Simple: set your own email campaign targets. An example: a company generally has 10 enquiries for their product when they send out an email. Their goal should be to boost this up to 12 enquiries. By analyzing their reports they measured that it takes around 200 clicks per enquiry. So, to achieve their goals, they should be able to generate 400 more clicks. Now they have a clear objective (more enquiries), a measured ROI (return vs. campaign cost) and a realistic target (400 clicks).

Conclusion: when defining your campaign targets, don’t simply rely on existing benchmarks. Analyze your campaign and set your own clear goals. This will allow you to really measure the success, and to take your email marketing to the next level.

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