How to define the image-text ratio of your emails

As we already mentioned in one of our previous tipmails, a good balance between text and images is what makes your email work. It’s wise to keep in mind that most email clients block images by default. The challenge for email marketeers is to find the right text-to-image ratio that best suits their product. Here’s a tip on how to do it.

First of all, define what the character of your product is. If you have an emotional product that activates a certain feeling, then you’ll need more supportive images. If you have a logical product, which needs explaining, it’ll take more text to nail the message.

An example. A perfume manufacturer who wants to create an atmosphere around his product will generally depend on images to do so. Describing the full set of elements it takes to create the product, is of no interest to his subscriber. A striking image that captures the grandeur, sensuality or unique spiciness of the fragrance will more likely do the trick. However if your product is, say, a financial package, subscribers will want to read about the benefits and clauses rather than just see images. You’ll convince your prospects by clearly mentioning your product’s best usp’s…

Conclusion: Know what your product stands for before you decide on the text-to-images ratio needed for your email template.

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    Great blog post. Always test viewing emails in different resolutions and email clients.
    UK Business Database

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