Don’t underestimate the power of the FROM: field

Most companies use their company name as a FROM: address. In many cases that’s just fine…

If you’re not sure, it’s wise to ask yourself which name sounds (or looks) most familiar to your contacts. Is it really your company name? Or is it the name of one of your core products? A sub-brand, maybe? Here’s an example. One of the fastest growing companies in the world is RIM. Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, you may know its flagship product: Blackberry. So if you want people to open and read your email, make sure you not only have an appealing offer, but also a recognizable FROM: name.

Not unimportantly, the FROM: field also plays a major role in getting your emails through spam filters. It’s that email header the recipient’s server looks at and decides whether or not to accept your email.
So if you are starting up your email marketing or revising some existing processes, be sure to think about what you’ll put in the FROM: field. Be clear and recognizable for all your clients. Want to be sure? Test from a selected set of brand names to see which one works the best.

Conclusion: use the FROM: field of your emails to grab your contacts’ attention. Make sure they go: “Hey, I know these guys – now let’s see what they have in store for me…”

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