Monthly Archives: May 2011

How mobile readers can help you determine the best subject line

As an email marketer you know how important a good subject line is. It ‘s one of the major factors that determine whether your email gets opened or not. But as far as the length of ‘the ideal subject line’ goes, the opinions vary. Well, this may surprise you: length doesn’t matter, as long as […]

How can SEM help email marketing? – Part III

In the two previous parts of this tipmail, we highlighted how email and SEM can be strategically combined to enforce both channels. This may take time, but it will definitely pay off in the end. But if you want to obtain a quick win, there’s another ‘trick’ you might consider. Simply create a newsletter archive […]

How can email marketing help SEM? – Part II

Last week’s tipmail focused on the fact that SEM can benefit your email marketing. SEM can guide the right people to your subscription pages and provide you with relevant keyword information. But, how can email marketing return the favor and help SEM? Imagine someone has subscribed to get information about a certain service, product or […]

Email Marketing Forum 2010 slides

Due to frequent enquiries, I am posting my presentation I gave at the 2010 Email Marketing Forum. The presentation is about how to develop the perfect template in a fast moving online and mobile environment. You will find practical and strategic tips on how to get started or how to fine-tune your existing email template. […]

How can SEM help email marketing? – Part I

As an online marketer you know that the secret to online success is to let all your channels and methods work together. That certainly goes for Search Engine Marketing. Just enter ‘online marketing’ in Google: you’ll see that the most hits mention SEM and email marketing. We all know that these channels can provide tremendous […]