How can SEM help email marketing? – Part I

As an online marketer you know that the secret to online success is to let all your channels and methods work together. That certainly goes for Search Engine Marketing. Just enter ‘online marketing’ in Google: you’ll see that the most hits mention SEM and email marketing. We all know that these channels can provide tremendous ROMI on their own. But when combined, they work even better.

But how do you optimize your search marketing results to benefit your email marketing? Roughly, you can divide your website’s visitors into two groups: information seekers and shoppers. The shoppers are the ones who need a product or are comparing products. So it’s okay to put high cost campaigns — pay-per-click campaigns, for instance — into action to attract them to your website and make the conversion. Information seekers are also potential customers, but more likely in the long run. So it’s best to get them to your website using well-chosen keywords and SEM tactics. Once they are on your website, you can promote your newsletter program. Considering they are looking for information in the first place, chances are they’ll subscribe to your newsletter much easier than active shoppers.

Furthermore, SEM will reveal which keywords your visitors are using. Use that information to personalize and finetune your email marketing according to these keywords. This will help boost you recognition and click-through.

Conclusion: Use the combined power of SEM and email marketing to get even better response from both information seekers and shoppers.

Next week we’ll see how email marketing can help SEM in Part II.

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