Email Marketing Forum 2010 slides

Due to frequent enquiries, I am posting my presentation I gave at the 2010 Email Marketing Forum.

The presentation is about how to develop the perfect template in a fast moving online and mobile environment. You will find practical and strategic tips on how to get started or how to fine-tune your existing email template.

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    An excellent presentation which allows email campaign designers the ability to enhance their email look. As most of my clients deal with customers and databases between 500-5000 people I find the use of scripted copywriting material and an image works than a template. Templates are good but they can be perceived as merely an email brochure. Nothing changes though whichever way you proceed. Email Marketing is about 1. The List 2. The Relationship with your list and 3. The offer. – Kurt Johansen – Australia’s Leading Email Marketing Consultant to the Small to Medium Business Owner.

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    NIice tutorial in email marketing service

  3. Posted August 24, 2011 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Does the law of diminishing returns apply to “how to develop the perfect template”? I have almost invariably found that newbies spend too much time tweaking their websites and HTML emails and avoid the tedious but necessary SEO. I myself prefer the creative aspects of template building and at the same time force myself to do the boring SEO link building.

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