How can email marketing help SEM? – Part II

Last week’s tipmail focused on the fact that SEM can benefit your email marketing. SEM can guide the right people to your subscription pages and provide you with relevant keyword information. But, how can email marketing return the favor and help SEM?

Imagine someone has subscribed to get information about a certain service, product or topic. Always remember that they subscribed to get just that relevant content. Do not email them about other products and promotions – your subscriber may feel tricked and won’t perceive your content as being relevant. Keep your content interesting and non-promotional, and make sure your articles link back to relevant landing pages on your website. And if your articles are easily sharable on all major social media it will undoubtedly bring some extra traffic to the landing pages on your website.

The spread of your email marketing list will boost traffic to your website, which in turn will help the organic search engine optimization of your SEM strategy.

Conclusion: being relevant will convince your subscribers to share your message with others and boost traffic to your website. It goes without saying that your website will eventually rank higher in web searches.

Next week: the final episode of how combining different e-techniques can lead to synergy!

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