How can SEM help email marketing? – Part III

In the two previous parts of this tipmail, we highlighted how email and SEM can be strategically combined to enforce both channels. This may take time, but it will definitely pay off in the end. But if you want to obtain a quick win, there’s another ‘trick’ you might consider. Simply create a newsletter archive on your website to optimize your SEM.

Think about it, you’ll see it makes sense. Your newsletters contains tons of information, relevant content and many useful keywords. So all you have to do is create a separate html page per newsletter and put them on your website. But make sure that you follow the basic SEO rules like giving every page a clear title and making a separate history page that links all the newsletters together. This will make it easy for search engines to track down your newsletters. And if the content’s good, other websites may find it worthwhile to link to your archives. Which means: extra incoming links that boost your position in the search engines.

Conclusion: create a newsletter archive to boost your SEO with extra incoming links and fresh, relevant content.

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