How mobile readers can help you determine the best subject line

As an email marketer you know how important a good subject line is. It ‘s one of the major factors that determine whether your email gets opened or not. But as far as the length of ‘the ideal subject line’ goes, the opinions vary. Well, this may surprise you: length doesn’t matter, as long as you use the space available in the subject bar accurately.

Here’s our tip: range the content in your subject line from “very important” to “nice to know”. So if you have a long subject line, you can put the most interesting topics / words first and then the rest. If you’re using a short subject line, then only use your key topic / word.

Not sure which article is your top story? Try testing it on your mobile readers. Subscribers who receive an email on their smartphone, will only see the sender and a short snippet of the subject line. So test different subject lines on this segment. Once you’ve determined your top story, you can send the ‘winning’ subject line to the remainder of your email list.

Conclusion: Test your subject line on your mobile users to determine which topic is your top story. It will get you considerably better response.

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