Monthly Archives: June 2011

Set the right mood for better brand experience

As a marketer you know that seasonal or themed campaigns can be a powerful method to grasp the attention of your reader. Some brands and companies do it by adding little twists to their design. Others create entirely new campaigns, like Google adapting its homepage according to a certain date or event. There are just […]

Don’t let the summer stop your email marketing

The official start of the summer might not guarantee a sudden switch to bright shiny weather, but it surely brings a big change to your email communication. A lot of your contacts will be on vacation. They may stop reading your emails for weeks. To get the most out of it, it’s important to adjust […]

Basic rules to boom your newsletter subscriptions

Creating an opt-in database is one of the keys to your email marketing success. We already told you how to opt-in your existing contact list , but sometimes it’s hard to convince new people to sign up for your newsletter. They might suspect your newsletter to be another piece of junk mail that is solely […]

Cut down your bounce rate by learning how spam filters work

Overeager spam filters are one of the most common reasons your emails bounce. Even emails sent with the best intentions can end up in your contact’s junk mail folder. To avoid this and reach a higher deliverability it’s vital to understand how these spam filters work. Spam filters are nothing more than automated scripts that […]

How do you opt-in an existing email list?

Many companies have gathered an extensive contact list over the years. However, many of those contacts never subscribed to the company’s newsletter. Other companies have built up a strong set of data and have now decided to start with email marketing. In both cases, there are effective methods to hook up those contacts with your […]