Cut down your bounce rate by learning how spam filters work

Overeager spam filters are one of the most common reasons your emails bounce. Even emails sent with the best intentions can end up in your contact’s junk mail folder. To avoid this and reach a higher deliverability it’s vital to understand how these spam filters work.

Spam filters are nothing more than automated scripts that follow a set of rules to filter unwanted emails. As spam filters evolve, these rules grow more complex every day. But even the most sophisticated spam filter always uses the following techniques.

Content filtering: filters emails based on certain trigger words or phrases that are associated to bulk email. These filters give special attention to the subject line. Some examples are “Free!”, “Join now”, “Million Dollars” and “Opportunity”. Using caps or excessive exclamation marks can also be a trigger. So avoid these words in the subject line and body of your email.

Blacklisting: when you send email to contacts without their permission you will most certainly end up in the blacklist of their ISP. You can avoid this by only emailing contacts that gave you permission to do so. Furthermore, adding an unsubscribe link where they can opt-out can save you a lot of trouble.

Conclusion: keep these two techniques in mind when sending your email. You’ll most certainly see an improvement in deliverability.

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