Basic rules to boom your newsletter subscriptions

Creating an opt-in database is one of the keys to your email marketing success. We already told you how to opt-in your existing contact list , but sometimes it’s hard to convince new people to sign up for your newsletter. They might suspect your newsletter to be another piece of junk mail that is solely out there to commercially exploit them. There is one question they will always ask: what do I gain by subscribing? It’s up to you to tell them.

First of all: focus on the informative value of your newsletter. Of course you can use your newsletters to generate sales, but the focus should be on relevant content. Show your potential contacts your expertise by putting an archive of your newsletters online. Just check the EmailGarage knowledge station for a good example.

Being clear about what to expect content-wise is one thing. But be sure to inform your potential subscribers about the frequency of your newsletter. Don’t label your newsletter “weekly” if you are going to send a mail every other day.

Offering incentives is another great way to gain contacts. Offer something of value in return for their subscription. Discounts and free samples are one way to do this, but there are more cost effective ways to generate interest. A free e-book (just 10 pages should be enough), a contest, a trial of your software or even a quiz could do the trick.

Conclusion: Offer your potential contacts something in return for their subscription and make sure they know what to expect. You will see a surge in your contact list in no time.

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