Don’t let the summer stop your email marketing

The official start of the summer might not guarantee a sudden switch to bright shiny weather, but it surely brings a big change to your email communication. A lot of your contacts will be on vacation. They may stop reading your emails for weeks. To get the most out of it, it’s important to adjust your email marketing campaigns to this atypical period of the year.

Here are a few tips to get the best possible results …

Launch themed campaigns
Add some summer vibe to your emails by using a summer theme. A day at the beach, a cocktail party or a delicious barbecue might do the trick and grab your contact’s attention.

Come up with a summer contest
People love the challenge of a contest. Especially when they have some spare time on their hands during the traditionally quieter summer months.

Adjust your timing
Check your reports to learn more about your contacts’ email reading behavior during summer. You’ll find out how often and when they’re checking their email. Use that info to determine when the best time is to send them your emails.

Make your emails mobile friendly
Since more and more people are reading their emails on a mobile device, be sure to always test your emails on a smartphone. Bet you’ll even grab their attention on a sunny beach or at the bar, sipping tequila cocktails …

Conclusion: use the summer holidays to your advantage. Adjusting your emails according to these tips will result in effective summer-proof campaigns.

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