Set the right mood for better brand experience

As a marketer you know that seasonal or themed campaigns can be a powerful method to grasp the attention of your reader. Some brands and companies do it by adding little twists to their design. Others create entirely new campaigns, like Google adapting its homepage according to a certain date or event.

There are just a couple of things that you have to keep in mind when considering a top topical twist to your email.

Does the time/event match your brand?
You have to be careful to only choose events or dates that suit your brand or product. For instance, if your company sells summer clothing, it’s best to add graphical elements that give your readers a bright and breezy summer holiday feeling. Use the design to set the right tone and tickle your readers to get a new outfit for long walks on the beach.

Set a mood, but don’t overdo it
Creating a mood is definitely a good thing, but go easy on images and references. Don’t overdo it and make sure brand recognition isn’t blurred.

Use it to reinforce your brand
The trick is to keep the focus on your brand and use the theme twists in support of your main message. Because readers link your brand to a positive event, it will reinforce the brand experience considerably.

The best known example is probably The Coca Cola company, who put a lot of effort in linking their main brand to Christmas. And they do it well: when they asked people what pops in mind when they think of Christmas, they often mentioned the caravan of Coca Cola Christmas trucks.

Conclusion: Smart use of elements that link your brand to dates or events can positively influence your brand experience.

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