Monthly Archives: July 2011

How capturing client data can improve the performance of your emails

The use of personalization has always been a great way to improve your newsletter. It improves the opened rates and the perception of your brand dramatically and is a great jumpstart for your emails and newsletters. Just to give you an idea, we tested the use of personalization in the subject line of the newsletter […]

Get more out of your out-of-office messages

When leaving the office for just a day or for a longer period, we make sure our contacts know we are away. But can’t we make our automated out-of-office replies more interesting and hook them up them with our email marketing campaigns? Sure we can. Most of the out-of-office messages are quite simple. They just […]

Grow your email list with an e-news subscription form on your Facebook page

Social media and email marketing are a perfect match, that’s a proven fact. Most companies who have a clear online strategy already use social media like Facebook and Twitter in their email marketing campaigns to grow their brands and fans. But it also works the other way round. You can incorporate email marketing in social […]

How to use location-based elements to boost your email marketing

During summertime lots of marketers have the tendency to change their email marketing behavior. It’s not coincidentally that you receive an email with an interesting discount on garden chairs or barbecue sets, just when the weather forecast announces a string of sunny days. Smart marketers use those local elements to boost the response to their […]