How to use location-based elements to boost your email marketing

During summertime lots of marketers have the tendency to change their email marketing behavior. It’s not coincidentally that you receive an email with an interesting discount on garden chairs or barbecue sets, just when the weather forecast announces a string of sunny days. Smart marketers use those local elements to boost the response to their email marketing campaigns.

Just think of Groupon, who offer national discounts as well as local discounts. What’s more: their offer varies a lot according to the weather or local occurrences. And doesn’t it make perfect sense, receiving an email with a promotion on photo albums, just when you return home from holiday?

Here are a couple of elements you can use to localize your own email marketing:

Geographical settings
Divide your target market into different regions and use local assets to promote your campaigns. For instance, use images of your product together with recognizable regional landmarks.

Weather conditions
Increase the response to your emails by waiting for the right moment to send them out. If you’re, say,  a supplier of winter tires you’ll benefit from the first snow to send out your newsletter with promo.

Regional events
Use a local holiday as a reason to give away a promotion to the segment of your database that lives in that region. Guaranteed to work like a charm.

Conclusion: Local elements boost the interest in your emails and — when done right — help you generate that extra revenue.

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