Grow your email list with an e-news subscription form on your Facebook page

Social media and email marketing are a perfect match, that’s a proven fact. Most companies who have a clear online strategy already use social media like Facebook and Twitter in their email marketing campaigns to grow their brands and fans.

But it also works the other way round.
You can incorporate email marketing in social media. A very simple example is creating a newsletter subscription form on your Facebook page which makes it super easy for visitors to sign up for your e-newsletter directly.
Nothing complicated about it. Simply create your own little Facebook app in a few steps and set up your subscription form in an iFrame on Facebook. 

A good example is our own EmailGarage Facebook fanpage which has a nice and simple subscription form to receive our weekly tipmails.

Conclusion: Setting up a simple newsletter subscription form on your company’s Facebook page is a real simple way to boost subscriptions and grow your email lists.

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