Get more out of your out-of-office messages

When leaving the office for just a day or for a longer period, we make sure our contacts know we are away. But can’t we make our automated out-of-office replies more interesting and hook them up them with our email marketing campaigns? Sure we can.

Most of the out-of-office messages are quite simple. They just inform the contact about your absence, maybe followed by a reference to a colleague or general phone number / email. A plain and simple text message – nothing more, nothing less.

But what if you’d include html, visuals and design in your out-of-office message? How about linking to a number of resources, including pictures or a video explaining your company’s best offer? An out-of-office reply is a full-blown email marketing opportunity. As the sender is expecting a message back, your out-of-office reply will most likely have an extremely high open-rate. So why not seize the opportunity to inform your contacts about your latest products, current actions and seasonal offers?
For example: “I am not at the office today. But while I’m away, be sure to take a look at our on sale products / like our facebook page / reserve your seat at our upcoming conference / follow our activities on Twitter …”
Make sure all messages are well-packaged, prioritized, written and designed in an engaging way, of course.

Conclusion:  Seize the opportunity and get more out of your out-of-office message by incorporating short email marketing messages to drive sales and generate traffic!

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