How capturing client data can improve the performance of your emails

The use of personalization has always been a great way to improve your newsletter. It improves the opened rates and the perception of your brand dramatically and is a great jumpstart for your emails and newsletters.

Just to give you an idea, we tested the use of personalization in the subject line of the newsletter we sent on June 23: the one with simple firstname personalization had a 5,9% higher opened rate than the one without personalization.

The problem most email marketers face is that their database only has records containing just the email address of the subscribers, and in that case, personalization is not possible…

So, the big challenge for marketers is to capture more personal data after the opt-in, which will lead to a more personal approach and better results in future communications.

Here’s how to do it:

–    Add a link in each newsletter to an online form where subscribers can update their data. Like this.

–    When subscribers don’t have to give their details when they subscribe to your newsletter, try to send them a confirmation email to thank them for their subscription and to give them the possibility to add their details.

  • Try sending a dedicated email to ask your subscribers for their contact details.
  • When you use a non-personalized salutation in your emails, try adding something extra such as: ‘Dear subscriber, we would love to greet you by your first name, but unfortunately we don’t have your details. If you can give us a second of your time by telling us you name here, we will promise to make our newsletter even better for you”.

Conclusion: By asking your subscribers for extra personal data, you can easily increase the performance of your newsletters.

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