Monthly Archives: August 2011

What’s on the menu for your B2B email?

Content is king. You probably heard this one before. But how do you keep coming up with fresh and new items for your emails? This is rather simple in a B2C context. A B2B sales process however, is more complex and requires an approach with different types of content. Need some inspiration? These five types […]

QR codes: a simple way to boost subscriptions

  How can people sign-up for your newsletter when they are not behind their pc? A great way is the use of QR codes. Just think about it, when people aren’t behind their pc, they would have to type the URL on their mobile device, wait for the page to load, look for a subscription form […]

How to make sure your emails look sharp on mobile devices

Nowadays, lots of people read their emails on a mobile device during ‘lost’ moments. When a meeting hasn’t quite started, while having breakfast or right before getting out of bed. Often it’s nothing more than a quick peek at the new emails on your smartphone. Research points out that the peak of mobile email use […]

Why customers break up with brands

There have been lots of articles lately proclaiming the end of the email era. But that’s far from the truth. All social networks need email to survive, and email is still the largest growing digital communication channel. Did you know that 93% of internet users in the US willingly receive at least one commercial email […]