How to make sure your emails look sharp on mobile devices

Nowadays, lots of people read their emails on a mobile device during ‘lost’ moments. When a meeting hasn’t quite started, while having breakfast or right before getting out of bed. Often it’s nothing more than a quick peek at the new emails on your smartphone. Research points out that the peak of mobile email use is around 7AM.

In a relatively short time, the entire email landscape is going to be affected by mobile’s influence.The statistics are clear: at this very moment 16% of all emails are read on mobile devices. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that email designs should be conform to mobile devices. So, no matter which service your company provides, you’d better make sure your HTML email is optimized for mobile reading.

Here are some free tips to make sure your emails render neatly on most mobile devices:

  • Use an intelligently built template, with an ideal size of 320px wide
  • Design touch-friendly clicks: the touch target sizes of your images, links and buttons should be large enough, 44 by 44 pixels is recommended.
  • Use a text size of at least 12 points and add the style “-webkit-text-size-adjust:none” to your HTML code to prevent auto-scaling.
  • Scale your images to prevent layout breakage

Conclusion: Mobile email use is on the rise, so make it a priority to design HTML email templates which render perfectly on both mobile devices and on your contact’s desktop.

Want to optimize your current email template design? Emailgarage can help you with full analysis of your template and mobile rendering.

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