What’s on the menu for your B2B email?

Content is king. You probably heard this one before. But how do you keep coming up with fresh and new items for your emails? This is rather simple in a B2C context. A B2B sales process however, is more complex and requires an approach with different types of content.

Need some inspiration? These five types of B2B content will surely help you along:

New products: Writing about new products or product features is always relevant. It reinforces the relationship with your client and boosts the brand recognition.

Trends: Become an opinion leader. You know best of all what’s happening in your sector: don’t be afraid to share it with your clients.

Interviews: Interviews with clients or suppliers often contain useful information for your target audience. Looking for new topics for this item? Check your FAQ section and find out what’s troubling your clients.

Company overview: Allow your readers a peek behind your company doors. What’s the latest news? What are your future plans? And what are you working on right now?

Previous articles: Keep track of the click-through rates of previous articles, identify the popular ones and write an update about it. A guaranteed sequel for the click-through rate as well!

Conclusion: There’s no such thing as good or bad content, only relevant and irrelevant. Just ask yourself what your customers want to read and your B2B email will practically write itself.

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