How to get influencers to talk about you online

25% of search results from the world’s top 20 brands are links to user-generated content
34% of the content of blogs relates to services and products
78% trust peer recommendations, whilst only 14% trust advertisements

So, what’s our point? User-generated content, customer opinions and peer reviews are clearly taking over the internet. And to top this off, customers care less about what marketers tell them, and more about what their peers recommend. This brings a shift to the way we communicate with our clients. Broadcasting and shouting out your message to your customers has become totally useless. They want a one-to-one dialogue that is relevant to their needs. And let’s face it: aren’t they absolutely right?

Back in the early days your customer would browse the internet looking for good content. Google abruptly ended this by providing a search engine where they could rapidly find what they need. But, nowadays your readers aren’t looking for good content, good content finds them through means of news streams on social media, or RSS feeds that they put together. And here lies one of the biggest opportunities for us marketers: How do we get our message in your target groups news feed? The answer is simple and complex at the same time: Get influencers to talk about your brand.

Here are 4 insights on how influencers can push your products or services forward

Define your influencers
What is their Klout score? Use tools such as Radian6, Social Radar, Scoutlabs to discover who is talking about what topic. Who are the experts in your market? Who has the broadest reach?

Select relevant influencers
An example? If David Beckham talks about buying Adidas football shoes, I believe him. If he recommends stock option plans, I don’t.

Make sure they are reachable
F.i.: Politicians, heads of state, singers, actors mostly have strict PR rules that don’t allow them to promote brands.

Get in touch
Use online and offline media to get in touch with your influencers. Talk about them. Use their content and offer them valuable content in return. Start a conversation. Follow/like them. And why not: try and get them to subscribe to your email list.

Create a segment, adapt your content and make it sharable
Send them personalized relevant messages with exclusive content. Let your influencers be the first to spread news. And most importantly, make it very easy for them to share your content with their network.

Conclusion: Find influencers, get them connected with your brand and reward them with exclusive, sharable content.

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  1. Posted October 14, 2011 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for including us! It’s definitely all about context when it comes to influencers as you clearly stated. If someone isn’t knowledgeable about my niche then it doesn’t matter much to me, or benefit me to know how many followers they have or what their online influence score is.

    Great tips!

    Best wishes,
    Trish, Community Manager | Radian6

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