EmailGarage kicks off with 4 email marketing tips for 2012

First of all, we at EmailGarage wish you all the best in your personal life and your professional career for 2012!

Looking back at email marketing in 2011, it’s clear that the merge between email and social has seen a major breakthrough. Our prediction? The love story will get more intense as we can see both channels getting even closer. Exciting times indeed!

Wondering which new trends will become relevant for your company in 2012?
Get inspired by these 4 predictions…

Mobile email
The rise of smartphones has been a hot topic in 2011. This will keep evolving, without the shadow of a doubt. Estimations say that around 30% of your target group has a smartphone, so marketers who act accordingly will benefit from this as early adopters.

Email testing
This feels like kicking in an open door. Testing has been a best practice for years. However, it’s fair to say that the majority of small to medium-sized companies should start testing, and bigger companies should start taking advantage of all testing possibilities. Our prediction is that the true power of testing will rise significantly over the coming months.

Responsive design
Definitely an upcoming trend in web development. Responsive designs allows web designers to automatically adapt the structure of their websites according to the device it is viewed on (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone, …). This technique – maybe in a modified way – will also be adopted in email marketing.

Best practices suck
Have we lost our minds? Nope: we’re not saying every marketer should cast best practices aside. They still add value to any email campaign. However, an email built with the knowhow drawn from existing best practices isn’t necessarily a good email campaign. In our opinion, emails that stick out from the stack and make us respond, often break with best practices as well. So why not try and come up with a best practice of your own?

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