EmailGarage & DBFACT: Email marketing just a click away from your invoicing system

Spreading, distributing and analyzing information efficiently … it’s a challenge faced by many, if not all, small and medium businesses every day. But how do you handle all that data? Exchanging client information between sales and marketing departments within SMB’s often proves to be difficult, let alone using client data for marketing purposes. Exporting contact details may be a piece of cake, but what about filtering data based on last year’s purchase history, for instance? Tough job.

That’s why DBFACT and EmailGarage decided to join forces. DBFACT is commercial administration and accounting software with an installed base of roughly 1600 clients. EmailGarage is a one-stop e-marketing shop.

From now on, it no longer takes a complex and expensive CRM system to provide each and every client with a customized message. By direct data linking, DBFACT users can apply any relevant clients details to well-targeted email campaigns.

Ready-to-send emails based on personal details, purchase history and product categories.

Once they’ve linked their data to EmailGarage, all that DBFACT users need to do is determine the contents of their message. Then they’re ready to send. To help them do that in the most effective way, they have access to all of EmailGarage’s deluxe services: from design to profile enrichment, reporting and analysis.

Want to put your client data to work for your email marketing?

Call +32 2 658 29 58 or send an email to to get started immediately.

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