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Let your email reports and Google Analytics write your copy.

As a marketer you will definitely have thought about which words you should use in your texts. F.i. providers of industrial commodities can talk about products, materials, goods, objects, articles,… Now, the tricky part is choosing the keyword that your reader will relate to the most. Why is this important? Well, most readers don’t read […]

Want to maximize response? Team up with your copywriter.

As an email marketer you will more than once have sat yourself behind your text editor, perfectly knowing what you want to write about. But somehow the words just don’t seem to come through. It’s no disgrace to have creative off-day. Sometimes it’s a better option to call in the cavalry: get a professional copywriter […]

What’s on the menu for your B2B email?

Content is king. You probably heard this one before. But how do you keep coming up with fresh and new items for your emails? This is rather simple in a B2C context. A B2B sales process however, is more complex and requires an approach with different types of content. Need some inspiration? These five types […]

How to build a good email template

Most email marketers know the general structure of email marketing templates. A banner, a title, the copy and footer – it’s as simple as that. But there are a few twists. One of them is making sure that the structure and copy of the email have a uniform look in different email clients. Here’s how […]

Use your email preheader as a selling opportunity

While most email marketers do include a preheader in their email designs, many businesses aren’t taking full advantage of that small yet important part of their email campaigns. Okay, including the standard “Problems viewing this email? Click here to read it online.” message is good for accessibility. But why waste a good opportunity to sell […]

Twitterize Your Email Subject Lines

A good subject line is like a good tweet: it earns a click to read further. We tweet links that amuse, outrage or inspire us. We write our tweets to get others to click. Some are effective and a few even more. Your subject line has the same mission: earn a click to open the […]

Keep subject lines short and simple

Epsilon research showed that shorter subject lines often correlate with higher open rates and click rates. Their experts evaluated the correlation between the length of a subject line of each campaign and the unique open and total click rates. In addition to that, the study suggests that subject line word order, word choice, and brand […]

2010 email marketing predections

An overview of some famous quotes and predictions on email marketing in 2010: “Because email is inherently effective, marketers get away with poor processes and little innovation and still are able to produce better ROI than their other marketing efforts” – Jeff Hilimire, chief digital officer, Engauge “More sophisticated use of analytics will help marketers […]

Day 2 @ the Miami MarketingSherpa Email – part 2

Impossible to do all the sessions in one day; since it was a duel track of B2B and B2C cases. I mixed according to my personal interest. A small overview and key findings on some of the slots: Must-Have triggered email marketing campaigns for every business A very complete overview of every possible triggered email […]

Day 1 @ the Miami MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Summit 2010

The kick-off of this Miami MarketringSherpa Email Summit started with a pre-workshop hosted by MarketingExperiments. Keynote speaker was Dr. Flint McGlaughlin. I’ve met Flint 2 years ago and every single one of his courses are still an eye opener to me.  The scientific approach on email marketing effectiveness is not only efficient; it also gives […]