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ALT-tags for images in email messages: why bother?

Any web designer who understands accessibility knows the benefits of ALT-tags. As images are not automatically displayed in most email clients, short descriptions of the blocked images give readers a quick overview of what to expect. And after all: ALT-tags help surfers navigate through web pages more easily, so why shouldn’t they work in emails? […]

How to grow your contact database effectively

Every marketer wants their contact database for email marketing campaigns to grow fast and with the right kind of information. A great contact database is filled with customers and prospects who have agreed to receive information from you. People who can be called upon if the time and/or the offer is right. But growing such […]

Don’t Forget the Preview Pane in Your Campaign

The subject of your email marketing message is crucial for its success. If it’s not intriguing or familiar — or worse: if it looks like spam — your mail may end up being deleted immediately. But if your recipients have their email client’s preview pane turned on — and most do — what is displayed […]

The better the landing page, the better the email campaign

Email marketing is not only about email. Marketers tend to focus mainly on the design and structure of emails but often neglect the landing pages. A missed opportunity: they are the key to a successful email marketing campaign. The purpose of an email is to create interest and catch the attention. If you want the […]

How to build a good email template

Most email marketers know the general structure of email marketing templates. A banner, a title, the copy and footer – it’s as simple as that. But there are a few twists. One of them is making sure that the structure and copy of the email have a uniform look in different email clients. Here’s how […]

Will email marketers still make it to your inbox in the future?

The landscape of traditional email marketing is changing more and more every day. One of the most significant evolutions is the rising popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices. People tend to read emails nowadays on their iPhone, Blackberry or Ipad. So will email marketers still be able to reach these people? Yes they will, […]

E-couponing: a trend on the rise

An e-coupon is just a fancy word for an electronic coupon. It’s easy: you print them at home and redeem them in stores when you go out shopping. And by the way things look, it’s very likely that the popularity of e-coupons will grow considerably in the future. Which types of e-coupons are available?

Use your email preheader as a selling opportunity

While most email marketers do include a preheader in their email designs, many businesses aren’t taking full advantage of that small yet important part of their email campaigns. Okay, including the standard “Problems viewing this email? Click here to read it online.” message is good for accessibility. But why waste a good opportunity to sell […]

Outlook 2010 vs. 2007

I just wanted to give you an update about the release of Outlook 2010. An acid test by Litmus compares 2007 vs 2010 and to be honest their is really no diffrence in rendering the email. What should email designers be doing differently for Outlook 2010 vs 2007? To be honest, nothing.  As always: Keep […]

Email Data Source – New Service Rating Tool

When I got the email of my friend Bill last night I was very surprised of his new project. I must say it sounds promissing and looks amazing. This is why I decided to blog it for you. You don’t want to mis this. “For the first time ever, marketers will be able to see […]