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How do you make email clients accept polls?

How often do you click on a quick poll when you’re browsing a website? Chances are you won’t do it a lot, but sometimes you just can’t resist clicking to share your opinion. And it’s even cooler when you can immediately check what everybody else thinks and see how your contribution influences the results. It’s […]

Will email marketers still make it to your inbox in the future?

The landscape of traditional email marketing is changing more and more every day. One of the most significant evolutions is the rising popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices. People tend to read emails nowadays on their iPhone, Blackberry or Ipad. So will email marketers still be able to reach these people? Yes they will, […]

E-couponing: a trend on the rise

An e-coupon is just a fancy word for an electronic coupon. It’s easy: you print them at home and redeem them in stores when you go out shopping. And by the way things look, it’s very likely that the popularity of e-coupons will grow considerably in the future. Which types of e-coupons are available?

How to generate more clicks through social media sharing

Email messages that include a social media sharing option like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, generate a higher click-through rate (CTR) than those without sharing options. According to a study by GetResponse, messages with three or more sharing options generate an even higher CTR. This phenomenon tells us it’s not enough to integrate campaigns with […]

Will the new Hotmail change the Deliverability landscape?

The times in the fight against spam are changing. User feedback and perception is becoming more and more important. This will dramatically change the way we marketeers will have to think about our communication. Laws, bounce management, unsubscribes … and relevancy  will determine the fact that our emails will be delivered or not. Bad content, bad timing, bad […]

Email Data Source – New Service Rating Tool

When I got the email of my friend Bill last night I was very surprised of his new project. I must say it sounds promissing and looks amazing. This is why I decided to blog it for you. You don’t want to mis this. “For the first time ever, marketers will be able to see […]

Create relevant email campaigns that make it to the inbox.

Last year I presented a case @DigitalMarketingFirst on the importance of relevant communication in order to improve your reputation management and deliverability. I was surprised by the fact that a lot of people were still not aware of the importance of the SenderScore and the reputation of the IP-adress. The whitelisting myth is still top […]

Day 2 @ the Miami MarketingSherpa Email – part 2

Impossible to do all the sessions in one day; since it was a duel track of B2B and B2C cases. I mixed according to my personal interest. A small overview and key findings on some of the slots: Must-Have triggered email marketing campaigns for every business A very complete overview of every possible triggered email […]

What’s the ideal moment to send your e-news? Let Twitter help you.

Logical thinking, testing different times/days and carefully monitoring your email stats are usually good ways to find out when to send out your newsletter.  What if you could use Twitter to help you?   This is how it’s done… 1. First, go to and type in a few keywords related to your industry, eg “Hotels […]

Email Marketing Master Class Speaker on YouTube

Master Class speaker, Kenny Van Beeck, on YouTube. More info on the EmailGarage MasterClasses, here.  A one day course with all the insights of tomorrow’s email marketing techniques. Be quick, only 5 seats left.!!