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How to liven up your emails on tablets

Today it will be exactly 2 years since Apple rocked the multimedia hardware market by bringing out the iPad.  This nifty device allowed surfers to explore the internet on a whole new level.  Today, this fast-emerging market already offers a lot of choice, with Dell, Asus, LG, Samsung and others also focusing on these compact […]

7 tips to give your email marketing that human touch

1. Tone of voice Define the tone of voice of your emails according to the kind of relationship you already have with your contacts. Formal or informal, rational or emotional… don’t know how to get started? Read one of our previous posts on how to team up with a copywriter. 2. Include relevant user-generated […]

Let your email reports and Google Analytics write your copy.

As a marketer you will definitely have thought about which words you should use in your texts. F.i. providers of industrial commodities can talk about products, materials, goods, objects, articles,… Now, the tricky part is choosing the keyword that your reader will relate to the most. Why is this important? Well, most readers don’t read […]

How to get influencers to talk about you online

• 25% of search results from the world’s top 20 brands are links to user-generated content • 34% of the content of blogs relates to services and products • 78% trust peer recommendations, whilst only 14% trust advertisements So, what’s our point? User-generated content, customer opinions and peer reviews are clearly taking over the internet. […]

How to use a RFM analysis to segment your email marketing database

It’s no secret that a well-segmented database is key to a personalized communication strategy. You can tailor your message perfectly to what your customers need. And as a company, you can quite easily track your campaign objectives. A popular method is to apply an RFM analysis, which enables you to segment your database according to […]

Want to maximize response? Team up with your copywriter.

As an email marketer you will more than once have sat yourself behind your text editor, perfectly knowing what you want to write about. But somehow the words just don’t seem to come through. It’s no disgrace to have creative off-day. Sometimes it’s a better option to call in the cavalry: get a professional copywriter […]

How do you make email clients accept polls?

How often do you click on a quick poll when you’re browsing a website? Chances are you won’t do it a lot, but sometimes you just can’t resist clicking to share your opinion. And it’s even cooler when you can immediately check what everybody else thinks and see how your contribution influences the results. It’s […]

Don’t sell the product. Tell the story.

Storytelling is a method often used by established companies or innovators, because they have a clear vision about who they are and what they stand for. But in fact, any company — oh yes, that goes for yours too — can use storytelling to engage people. Your first goal should be to clearly define what […]

What’s on the menu for your B2B email?

Content is king. You probably heard this one before. But how do you keep coming up with fresh and new items for your emails? This is rather simple in a B2C context. A B2B sales process however, is more complex and requires an approach with different types of content. Need some inspiration? These five types […]

QR codes: a simple way to boost subscriptions

  How can people sign-up for your newsletter when they are not behind their pc? A great way is the use of QR codes. Just think about it, when people aren’t behind their pc, they would have to type the URL on their mobile device, wait for the page to load, look for a subscription form […]